What Is a Blogger and How to Avoid Bloggers Block?

What Is a Blogger and How to Avoid Bloggers Block?

One question that is asked a lot if what is a blogger? Many people think bloggers are those people who own their blogs and upload written posts or articles so that readers can read to make money. Even though that is true, bloggers do much more than upload posts everyday on their blogs.

Detailed Answer to What Is a Blogger

The question, what is a blogger can be answered easily when you know what they do. Other than owning their own blogs and writing posts, bloggers do much more for their readers. The first thing is that they provide useful information or content about a certain field. So those you want to keep up-to-date about a certain topic, then blogs be very useful.

Bloggers also help their readers by providing strategies, tips and advices on how to overcome certain problems and situations that may be faced by people in the niche they have chosen. So if the blog is about starting a business, then the blogger will help readers find the best solutions of starting their own businesses by discussing the process in detail. So what is a blogger? Blogger is someone that helps their readers with their expert knowledge about a certain field.

What Is a Blogger and What Is Bloggers Block


Once you know the answer to what is a blogger, you will need to brush up your knowledge on the basics of blogging. For bloggers to be successful, they need to come up with unique, interesting and engaging posts for their readers. Otherwise readers will get bored and stop reading what the blogger has to say.

Everyone has heard of the term “writer’s block” and if you have not then basically it is a phase that all writers go through when they are not sure what to write. Bloggers also go through the same phase, which is known as “bloggers block”. Coming up with interesting topics every day can be difficult because you do not want to repeat yourself over and over again. The tips below will help you overcome “bloggers block” and help you write interesting posts everyday without losing your touch.

What Is a Blogger and Tip for Bloggers

What Is a Blogger and Bloggers Block Tip 1

Now that you know what is a blogger, you will need to follow the following tips to write great posts. The first tip is to change the blogging environment. This means you need to give yourself time and step away from the computer. You will definitely not get any inspirations on blog topics if you’re at home all day in front of your computer. So it is advised that you get out and take a walk to get some fresh ideas.

What Is a Blogger and Bloggers Block Tip 2

The next tip is to keep a journal of all your ideas. This will give you the chance to jot down any ideas or random thoughts that come into your head about what to write, so that you do not forget. When you are walking in the park, shopping or sitting in the train, you can watch what is going on around you to get ideas. Once an idea or thought pops into your head, it is advised to jot it down. You can even go through your old journals to get some ideas on something that you did not emphasis much on.

What Is a Bloggers and Bloggers Block Tip 3

Now that you know what is a blogger and you have implement tip 1 and 2 in your life, you should follow tip 3. Tips 3 to overcome bloggers block is to read posts on other blogs. This will give you a rough idea of what to write, which will give you the chance to build on the topic or find gaps that can be filled. Looking other peoples work, is a great way to refresh your brain from your blog.

With these three tips, you can easily overcome bloggers block and come up with many new topics for your blog. Now you know what is a blogger  and how to overcome bloggers block, you can start engaging your readers so that they stick around.

PS: Finally, every person regardless of age, race, background, skills or abilities is going to have the ability to make “guru” type income without having to be a guru. The frustration is over and lives are going to be completely transformed!

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