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How To Be First On Google SED Home Page Video – Beta Tester Website


How To Be First On Google SED Home Page Video

The short video below is my video on my main website. The “How To Be First On Google” SED course just opened in Beta mode and we have taken on a few testers. Here is the latest home page video that I just uploaded.


How To Be First On Google
SED Course

“SED” means search engine domination and that is exactly what it will show you how to do.

People who want to make money online should make friends with the search engines is a great thing to do. Once you learn how to get hundreds, or better yet thousands of people to your website for free then life begins to get easy for you. Being first on Google rocks!

How To Be First On Google And Stay First On Google

Anyone with even a small amount of search engine optimization experience could show you how to be first on Google, but staying there once you get there is another thing. I can show you how 1 hour maintenance monthly will keep you in first position on Google search, and personal weekly support in Skype and webcast comes with this deal. If you would be interested in becoming one of our beta testers, the price from now until Friday is $27. At that time it goes into stage 2 beta and the price will go up to $47 and become an affiliate program paying you back 50% if you decide to sell it yourself. One of our team members did make a sale today. It is really that easy to do when you know how to be first on Google. To see this low introductory offer.

Best Facebook Fan Pages for Online Marketing

Best Facebook Fan Pages for Online Marketing A powerful message from Douglas!!

Best Facebook Fan Pages for Online Marketing

Market Your Business With Facebook Fan Pages – Make Facebook Your High End Boutique Store Front!

If there is a common thread that runs through many internet marketing success stories apart from the hard work aspect, the need for uniqueness and originality is one of the most important. The best Facebook Fan pages achieve just that. As there are no two successful high end stores that look exactly the same Facebook has given the green light for businesses on Facebook to take their marketing efforts to new levels by creating highly original and content rich sites that can be compared to WordPress mini-sites or perhaps Squidoo lenses.

Indeed many companies are offering specialist designs for Facebook business pages, these are very cost effective ways of getting known on Facebook. Depending on your type of business you can adapt these designs to fit your business model perfectly. It is easy to combine awesome graphics in your Facebook business site along with video, audio and other interactive elements, alongside your wall and other components you can include in a Facebook business page.

Seven Hundred Million People Can’t Be Wrong

I don’t believe that anyone could possibly have dreamed how Facebook would’ve grown after its early days, but it is still growing and the people that run Facebook are eager to keep ahead of technology. To that end, no business big or small can pass up the opportunity to grow and develop a large Fan base. By having any of the unique Facebook themes created specifically for use in your small business, there is no reason why your online efforts won’t benefit from the attention of many of those millions of fans.

Unlike other marketing methods in the internet, if you want to advertise on Facebook by using their comprehensive demographics you’ll be able to target your ads at highly qualified people without having to feel concerned far too much about search engine optimization and other complications which compel web entrepreneurs to keep up with Google’s ceaseless algorithm tweaks. In Facebook if a person likes you they are going stay a Fan providing you treat them right and give each of them what they desire.

Best Facebook Fan Page – Be Flashy!

Madonna was great but would she have actually been as famous if she didn’t sport all of those bizarre garments? Be sure to take a page from her diary, your Facebook Fan page could come across like Madonna or Lady Gaga – if that style could possibly be relevant to your business and become one of the top pages on Facebook.

Folks are always in search of new and different right now, it can be difficult to come up with something which is completely original but along with the correct research and some trials you may be capable of creating a Facebook Fan page that turns some heads. People talk, and that’s what you desire above all on a social media site – some of the oddest videos on YouTube have gone viral and your hope is that your Facebook Fan page may do likewise.

Study Your Competitors

Part of your research when you opt to start a Facebook fan page, is snooping around on the best Fan pages to see the key reasons why they are so well received and having a look at your competitors’ sites to find out which aspects you can incorporate as well as which may be made better.

Of course these Fan pages have come about for a reason – don’t lose sight of that, you happen to be creating this to generate income and build up your customer base, so what you may implement should be an effective tool to that end. Could you build one of the best Facebook Fan pages?

Most important of all, keep it real. Make sure that the person you are comes through on your Facebook fan-page, never try to be something you are not. Not everyone will like you in Facebook just like in real life. Just be yourself.