A YouTube Marketing Strategy That Absolutely Rocks!

A YouTube Marketing Strategy That Absolutely Rocks!

A couple of weeks ago I did a YouTube webinar that got some great feedback.  The webinar was well attended and I was happy to be able to share this valuable info with followers that are serious about building their network marketing business using the web.

ONE PROBLEM….or shall I say…opportunity.  I wasn’t able to successfully record it.  I felt so strongly that this information could change someone’s business so drastically that I couldn’t just leave it in the vault where only my team members would know this stuff.  I also had already given it to some, so I didn’t want to roll it into a paid product.  After some consideration I decided to re-record it and share it with everyone.  Now if you miss it this time you are out of luck :) .

I’m a blogger at heart, but I have found a simple way to integrate YouTube marketing with my blogging, and it has shown unbelievable results.   I began this strategy at the beginning of February and was able to end the month with just over 1400 views on my channel.  Just two months later April produced over 9600 views.  I have generated hundreds of leads from my YouTube channel this month alone, resulting in multiple streams of income.  Here’s the best part, in March and April I only created about 10 videos.  YES!! What I am sharing with you in this training flat out works.  I personally use pre-built  squeeze pages from MLSP to capture my leads, but you can certainly use this strategy to drive traffic to your own squeeze pages, a website,  or wherever.   Whatever the case, I’m pumped because I know one of my followers is going to take this training, take massive action, and take their business to the next level.  Maybe that someone is YOU!  ENJOY!

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